27 Feb

I love the thought provoking intelligent questions and statements of preschoolers.  Here are a few ‘isms’ from Maddie.

1. My granddaughter Madeleine is 3 yrs old.  Before I forget some of Maddie’s insightful comments, I thought I should blog them.

Maddie at 18 months started preschool.  The first day of school by noon she was sent to the headmistress’ office.  Apparently Maddie

enjoyed the morning, played nice, was attentive and listened.  All was well, until it got close to naptime1

Cleanup time followed by naps was not Maddie’s plan.  She had a mini tantrum as they all put away the toys.  As all of the children accustomed to sleeping on a classrm cot fell asleep, Maddie circled the room tapping each child “Baby, wake up, Baby, wake up, Baby, wake up”.  Thus her trip to office and the phone call to the parents!

2. Maddie knows who President Obama is, she has known for at least a year, recognizing him on television and on the internet.   In anticipation of the day off from school for President’s Day recently, she asked her Mommy “Is Obama coming over for President’s Day?”

3. Maddie asked Mommy and Daddy recently if people were animals.  Paul and Mo hesitated and answered “yes, some believe that people are animals, but it is a difficult question to answer actually” (or they said something like that).  Maddie replied, “Oh, nevermind.  I’ll ask my friends at school tomorrow.”

4. Last year while riding in the car with her mom, Maddie asked why the people were on the bus.  Mo said that maybe they are going to work and don’t have cars.  Maddie said “Oh, like Nana and Papa” (we live in South Carolina and fly in many times a year to visit our California family).

Mom said “Nana and Papa don’t have a car?” Maddie replied no.  Mom asked what do they have?  Maddie said “they have an airplane.”

5. more to come!


Grace Givers

25 Feb
thank you wendi harris….
Be a grace giver and not a fault finder……Happy Saturday everyone! ♥ wendi

My response…Makes me very conscious how no matter what your politics, it is time to stop being petty, bigoted, or whatever motivates someone to dig up non truths out of context crud, for example… on the President. You are downgrading the USA when you downgrade our leader. That especially goes for the naysayers in regards to the way ‘others’ honor the almighty. I respect all faiths and I fear and despise all extremism. Take a look at history: the crusades, when christians murdered other faiths. Even fellow christians were considered heretics and slaughtered. That was not His message when Jesus walked this earth. Not just extremist christians but extremists of all faiths and all politics are the root of wars, killings, hate, bigotry. Enough. Vote for who you trust, believe in, and agree politically/fiscally with, but refrain from this facebook nonsense of hate towards those that don’t think like you do. When you profess and quote ridiculous theories about every word the President utters then you are showing hate towards all that do agree with him. Better start praying that he has the strength and faith to keep working at making a difference, a positive difference.

Blog Introduction from UCDD (that is, used car dealer’s daughter)

14 Feb


Mother, wife, business woman, former elementary teacher, former Southern Californian now living in Greenville, South Carolina.
Not especially in order…………..I love Greenville, fine dining, historical period novels, humor, my husband, my kids, my grandkids, Laguna Beach, Charleston, fine wine and cheap wine, chocolate, ice cream, whipped cream, Cheesecake Factory, Charleston. Love Italians, love my friends, crazy about my hairdresser. Love Apriori Beauty products and my thriving business and my amazing team. Appreciate each day above ground, trying not to sweat the small stuff, love shopping, silk, cashmere, and my not your daughter jeans and my many soft pairs of pjs.

2007 Grandson and Leukemia

13 Feb

I’ll never ever forget the day Aimee called and told us the diagnosis.  Not flu as thought….but leukemia.  Precious Aidan was barely 9 yrs old.  After several months in the hospital and enduring treatments his remission kicked in and continues.

What I want to share with you about that time was the strength, faith and mature character of dear Aidan.

For example:  early on at Kaiser Hospital (120 out of 180 days he was in that hospital), he and Aimee returned from a Holiday party that his pediatric oncologist held for her precious patients.

Mom was assisting son in the restroom and I was in the hospital room.  I overheard him tell Aimee that all of the other kids lost their hair.  They didn’t even have eyebrows.  Aimee responded lovingly saying yes, sweetheart.  you too will lose all your hair.

Aidan sighed and smiled and said “Oh good, I hate this man hair on my knees.”

Another light incident was Aidan and his Dad Luis.  Aidan said ” Your Dad died of cancer, didn’t he.”

Luis choked up and said “Yes, son he did.  But we are not even going to talk about that ‘d’ word.

Hmmm, Aidan thought for awhile and then said “Oh, you mean dick-head!”

He has been in remission for over 4 years.  Kaiser has been wonderful with regular thorough checkups.

He frightened us last year because his nose was bleeding a lot.  Very scary……..but cause came out to be dry weather and picking!

He missed most of 3rd grade that year of treatment.  But was tutored with funds generously given to Aimee (she couldn’t work that whole year caring for Aidan in and out of the hospital) and Aidan by family, friends and his school.

He went into 4th grade at the top of his class and was honored recently for his straight A record in middle school. 

There are many things in my life that our family is grateful for.  Aidan’s health is on the top of the list.

Nick’s Comedy

7 Feb


Nick’s new website is awesome!


here’s his founder info featured on his website:

About the Founder

Originally from Orange County, California, Nick performs and produces stand up comedy.  Graduating from UCLA where he performed and wrote on UCLAtv’s Mike and Ben Show (with future SNL-er Nasim Pedrad) he immediately went into film production as a Story Editor for David Kirschner Productions.  His life changed course after working in Wilmington, NC on HBO’s Eastbound and Down with Danny McBride and Adam McKay.  Nick fell in love with Comedy, the South, and a woman, and ever since has pursued stand up performance and production full time making Greenville, SC his home.

should have journaled about my kids as they grew

2 Feb

I know, every mom, well almost every mom, thinks their kids growing up are the cutest, most amazing ever.  And now I’m Nana and the 3 grandkids are the cutest, most amazing ever.

So I love reminiscing about that glorious, frustrating, fun, crazy time.

This time it’s again about Paul Jr who is now the daddy to the 2 youngest of those precious grandkids.

When Paulie was 3 we bought a (another) new house in Lake Forest Ca.  It was the biggest yet for us.  2300 sq ft.  Brand new with a floor to ceiling fireplace in the master suite.

3 year olds especially one destined to be an engineer and inventor have extremely detailed minds.

The day we moved in and placed the furniture, Aimee’s in her room, Paulie’s in his, Paulie threw a humongous tantrem.  Finally he took a breath and told us that he wanted the room with the chimney!

Now this housing tract had underground utilities.  When choosing the home we remarked to the children that there were no telephone poles like our previous 2 homes…one in Tustin and the first in Lakewood.

2 or 3 weeks later, Paulie exclaimed:  wow, they must have had to dig really deep holes to get those telephone poles all the way in!

Keep checking back for the Aimee and Nick childhood stories.  Now blogging them 30 something years later means I’ll never forget them.

When my high school kids missed the bus at 6:30 am……

29 Jan

My kids missed the bus in high school. They said ‘Mom just take us to the next stop’.  Yeah!!!  I put the youngest in the car, threw on my flannel bathrobe and slippers.  3 bus stops later, each with the bus pulling away.  So I drove them there on time (didn’t even have to drag them???!!!!eeek some mothers! see article below). lo and behold the car engine died on way home. So there I was on Marguerite Pkwy Mission Viejo Ca major thouroughfare walking with my 6 yr old in my zip up bathrobe and slippers.  Fortunately I had to endure the outing just a few blocks.  A kind mom I didn’t know, who had just dropped her son off at the same school, gave me a ride.  I was mortified.  Oh yes, the little one was late for school!

ABC News’ Katti Gray reports: A Woods Cross, Utah, woman was arrested for allegedly forcing her 9-year-old son to walk alongside her car as she pulled him along by his belt and steered him toward school after he’d missed the school bus. Police said the…